Thanks to cheap real estate financing, people with an average salary can now find their way into their own home. This provides an excellent basis for old-age provision. In addition, your own four walls can later be passed on to your offspring. However, buying and owning a home comes with certain risks. For example, fire, hail, storm or lightning can damage your home.

Why is insurance important for homebuyers?

To protect against the financial consequences of certain risks, it is advisable to take out some insurance. They replace, for example, destroyed furniture and other furnishings. There are also policies that cover the cost of repairing damage to buildings. If you have not taken appropriate risk insurance, you must bear the financial burden yourself. In the case of major damage, this can amount to many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Anyone planning to build a house should also deal with the subject of insurance and construction financing in detail. When erecting a building, mistakes and problems can occur that quickly lead to financial overload.

Insurance for construction financing: Overview

In order for homeowners to be able to face a wide range of risks, they should consider taking out certain types of insurance. The following policies are suitable for securing your property:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Household insurance
  • Home and landowners liability insurance

Insurance of this type serves to protect property. If you want to buy a house or an apartment, you should check in advance which of these safeguards you need. In addition, building your own home comes with additional potential imponderables.

business owned life insurance

Additional home insurance

When building a home, a wide variety of causes can make the construction project more expensive or endanger it. You are also liable for damage caused by the construction site when building a house. It is conceivable, for example, that roof tiles loosened by a storm could damage surrounding properties or parked vehicles. If you want risk protection for this, you need builder’s liability insurance. As a property owner, you might as well need to get business owned life insurance.

Which types of mortgage lending insurance are mandatory and recommended?

In general, you are not obliged to take out appropriate policies either when building a house or buying a property. However, uninsured homeowners have to bear all the financial consequences themselves, such as damage to the building or inability to work.

It is difficult to give general advice on which types of insurance are necessary and which are possibly superfluous. The required policies depend too much on the personal financial situation and on the property to be financed or the building project.