In 2018, 78% of online purchasing decisions in the US started with a search engine search. Over 40,000 searches per second worldwide and over 3.5 billion searches per day. Well, that’s a massive amount of sales opportunities to discover.

Phoenix SEO helps small business owners like farmers and agriculturists to compete with industry giants for a fraction of their paid advertising costs. Properly implemented SEO can give your business “expert status.” In this industry, it’s all about reputation and relationship building.

Update website with high-quality content

The best way to update your site regularly is to write a weekly and monthly blog. Google loves websites that are regularly updated. The more time you spend reading the latest blog posts on your site, the more Google will love your site and actively boost your search rankings. Quality content doesn’t end with a few blog posts. Ensure all title tags, meta descriptions, and image names are relevant and helpful. The more you support your website visitors, the more relevant search phrases will rank for you.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

With so many people on mobile devices accessing the internet, your website should be easy to navigate no matter what device your visitors use.

The legacy desktop version can be challenging to view and use on mobile devices. A site is not user-friendly if visitors have to pinch or zoom in to read the content. When users get frustrated, they leave your site searching for a working site. 

Embed Videos and Images 

Images and videos give website visitors a reason to stay longer on her website and increase their chances of becoming customers. You should use graphics and photography throughout your website to present visitors with relevant visuals to your business. Use videos to your advantage by starting a YouTube channel, posting videos, and embedding them on your website.

Add Internal Links

This is a perfect and easy SEO technique you can use immediately. Read the text already on the site. Are you linking to other relevant pages on your site? Link these! Do your blog posts mention different products? Hyperlinks to these product pages.

Build Quality Backlinks

Quality over quantity is essential in any search engine optimization, and backlinks are part of it! Get links to your site from authoritative websites.

Set Up Google Accounts

Google offers a variety of ways for businesses to reach potential customers. Signing up for Google My Business, Google Plus, and other services helps Google understand your business better and show it to more people.

SEO is great for any industry, but it can be highly beneficial to farmers since their crops and animals are not just a part of their livelihood but also an integral part of their business. The prime benefit these farmers get from having an optimized farm website is that they are found faster by potential customers and more often.

Farmers who have created websites for them can better promote themselves as a viable choice to generate more sales than those who don’t invest early in search engines.