The corona crisis can also be felt in agriculture. In addition to negative effects, there are also some positive ones. While the government has promised financial help to businesses affected by the virus, there is also financial help ( being extended to small farmers who continue to make a living despite these trying times.

Empty supermarket shelves tightened hygiene measures and the curfew, also the farmers from the region are affected by these headlines. In the current situation, the work of the farmers is again appreciated. The hygiene measures are no problem for the farmers because there are already following stricter hygiene regulations in animal husbandry, which the farmers are already familiar with and are correctly implemented. Added to this is the increased hygiene on the tractors in arable farming. Consumers are currently noticing that, especially in times when social life has almost dropped to zero, essential things are of great importance. And that includes the food that is produced daily by local farmers. Citizens are becoming aware that the foodstuffs from the immediate vicinity have not had long delivery routes and can, therefore, be offered quickly in the respective sales outlets.

The food supply is thus ensured without being dependent on the stopped import. There is a high season on many farms right now, although the public life around it is almost at a standstill. Liquid manure is currently being spread on many fields in order to fertilize the soil with natural fertilizer and thus supply it with important nutrients so that fertility can be promoted. This measure can be carried out by the farmers in the current time without major impairments. Large slurry spreaders are usually used, which many citizens find to be annoying in road traffic. Since there is currently less traffic on the roads due to the exit restriction, it is easier for farmers to cover the distance between farm and field without problems. On the way, these are now increasingly greeted by citizens in a friendly manner, which of course also pleases the farmers that their work is valued again in this difficult time. The sowing of corn and sugar beet is also currently observable. Consumers can see that farmers also use the tractors to work and not just to go to demonstrations.

Events postponed

But home farmers are also feeling the consequences of the corona crisis. The farmers from the Landshut region and the surrounding area had planned an information event with the motto “Citizens, farmers, snacks”, which would have taken place in the Gasthof Zur Insel at the end of March. At this event, there would have been a discussion round on modern agriculture and a question and answer session for everyone interested. This had to be postponed until further notice. A new date will be announced. And the annual farm information day, at which interested parties can experience first-hand an insight into agricultural production at a member company, must also be canceled this year. The Court Information Day will take place again in 2021, and a suitable venue has already been found.

Food supply ensured

The farmers, who lack seasonal workers, have problems, but the entry for harvest workers is to be made possible shortly. There are no major consequences of the corona crisis in animal husbandry and agriculture. Slight scarcities can be felt on the feed market and contact with the authorities can only be made by phone, but this does not restrict farmers in their production. African swine fever is currently of greater concern, as it poses a great threat to pig farming. Otherwise, farmers can continue to produce without major problems, which is why the supply of food from the region is still ensured.