Agriculture plays a very important role in the development of a nation’s economy. It contributes a big percentage in a country’s GDP and the population depends upon this sector. But most of the times farmers are faced with the problem of inadequate financial state. Professional money lenders are the easiest way for farmers to get credit. With the creation of Land Development Banks and Agricultural Cooperative, farmers were able to seek help from these establishments which has contributed so much in the improvement and development of the agricultural sector. They advance credit mostly for agricultural purposes.




The creation of Agricultural cooperative has also help in the sector’s improvement. Through agricultural cooperatives farmers can pull their resources in certain areas of activity. They provide services to their farming members. The cooperative is mostly founded and managed by farmers. The farmers pool their resources to improve the way they produce and sell. The agricultural products raised in their farms like milk, fruits, meat and vegetables are collected and processed by their cooperatives. They become the products that the community eat and consume.