Sustainable agriculture is vital to a nation’s economic and climate goals. It limits deforestation while increasing crop yields. It boosts climate resilience while generating income.  An emerging trend in sustainable agriculture is ICLF, or Integrated-crop-livestock-forest systems. In Brazil alone, it has the goal of implementing 500 million hectares of ICFL systems by 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Yet, ICLF adoption rates remain low. This is mainly due to credit line that are poorly adapted for its implementation and lack of information.

The Sustainable Agriculture Finance Facility, or SAFF, is a vehicle to increase the adoption of ICLF through a combination of accessible and customized credit lines, a unique certification system, specialized technical assistance and a certified sustainable suppliers’ market. A bundle of five credit lines will be offered to compliant farmers for costing, soil correction, cattle, machinery and forestry.  In addition, farmers certified by the SAFF earn a unique trust score which is updated weekly. This will allow for better credit evaluation and environmental monitoring.