Americans most of the time think that to it demands miles of farming machinery and farmlands needed to supply food for everyone. That they have learnt to accept the fact that we need large-scale industrial agriculture combined with GMOs and chemical inputs. Otherwise, we would face starvation. At the same time, people have a notion that we need acres of land in order to grow food of your own. But in reality, this is a false belief.

Do we Really Need Acres of Land?

Much like with millions of smallholders and farmers worldwide would tell you, it will depend on the size of your family and quality of land you own. You could actually grow any food you need in a limited space. What it only needs is to plan for a food production system that works along with natural processes in an effort to make with what you have.

If you wish to develop land for your personal food production, then you may need at least 2 acres of land. In this land area, you already have solar energy needed to run your house, enough to be self-sufficient. Following are examples on how you could make the most of your property:

Growing Power – on a 2 acre urban lot, you could grow almost a million pounds of food annually which include fish as well as livestock inventory like:

  • Bees
  • Goats and
  • Chickens

Urban Homestead – for a family of four that is producing majority of their own food and 60,000 dollars yearly, 1/5 of an acre will do.

Homesteading is basically the transition phase from your current lifestyle into something that is centered on producing things and growing foods for yourself and family. This is in an attempt to be less dependent.

The Shift

First of all, there are so many benefits associated for producing and growing stuff for yourself. Among the benefits you can enjoy would be the health benefits. Eating foods that are free from chemicals and toxins that most manufacturers have in their products nowadays is one of the vital aspects why growing our own meals is critical.

Say that you are serious to make the transition to homesteading, then the very first thing you must know is how to grow vegetables and fruits on your own. Gardening is a critical skill for homesteading. You need to know how you can stand up on your own before going off the grid. But if you’re serious with this move and ready to make it quick, you can take advantage of lawsuit loan with a fast pre-settlement funding.